Title: No More Tears

Fandom: American Horror Story

Characters: Violet Harmon with mentions of Ben Harmon, Vivian Harmon, Tate Langdon

Rating: FR13

Disclaimer: American Horror Story belongs to Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuck and company.

Prompts: Written for DW's dailyprompt community for the prompt on Nov 2 2012 ("No tears left to shed.")

Notes: Set during the first season of American Horror Story.

Summary: She makes the decision to not cry anymore.

Word Count: 402


She was never the type of girl to cry for too long.

She can recall all of the times she's cried in the last three years.

She cried when she found out her father was a jerk who cheated on her mother with his much younger female students. She was thirteen at the time and kept silent about it because she wasn't going to be the one to break her mother's heart.

She cried when her grandmother died when she was fourteen. She had cried not because she was overly upset that the old woman had died. Instead she had cried because it seemed the appropriate response. She didn't tell her father this as she didn't want him to try to crawl into her head and analyze her. It was bad enough that he tried to act the professional when he argued with her mother on how to raise her.

She cried when her mother lost the baby. That time it wasn't an appropriate response. She was truly upset.

When her mother found out the truth about her father, she didn't cry that time. Instead she had gotten really angry because it seemed a super douche move on her father's part to cheat with his much younger mistress in his bed that he shared with her mother.

When they moved from Boston to LA, she promised herself that she wouldn't cry again but the Murder House seemed intent on breaking her down. She cried two more times.

She cried over the truth about Tate. The fact that she had given her heart to a dead boy was bad enough. The fact that he was a sociopath even worse. She can't say her father didn't warn her but when he had, she hadn't really cared. She had thought it was just another of his lies.

And she cried when she found out she was dead. She was dead . And she hadn't even known it. No one mourned for her death so she cried for herself. She cried for all of the things she'd never get to have.

She cried when her mother and brother died.

Then there were no more tears left to shed. She vowed that no matter what happened, she wouldn't cry anymore. Crying was for little pussies who couldn't handle what life gave them. (She wasn't going to become just like Tate who had the ability to cry on cue.)


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