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Since I've written so much fanfiction across several fandoms, it makes it a little complicated to organize it into catagories. In some cases, I've organized the fic by fandom and in others by the form of media the fandom is (i.e. tv, movie, etc.)

American Horror Story:this includes fic from all of the seasons.

Buffyverse: this includes fanfiction from both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.



Dark Angel


Harry Potter

CSI: this includes fanfiction based in Las Vegas and Miami.


The Lost Boys

The Secret Circle (both tv-verse and book verse)

Veronica Mars

Rocky Horrow Picture Show

The X-Men: this is only for the movie-verse.

Crossovers: where two or more verses collide.

TV Fandoms: Any TV-based fandom where I've only written a few stories for.

Movie Fandoms: Any movie-based fandom where I've only written a few stories for.

Book Fandoms: Any book-based fandom where I've only written a few stories for.


These catagories are by no means static. I will change them and move things around as needed.

Total number of stories archived: 87


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