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You Will Never Win - FR13, implied Tate/Violet, with Tate, Violet, Chad and Hayden; No matter what Tate does or wants, he can't save her from the house. (672 words)

To the Cadence of Our Bleeding Hearts - FRM, implied Tate/Violet, implied Violet/OMC, with Tate, Violet, Ben and Vivian. AU fic set after S1 where Violet and Ben live. Violet returns to LA, certain that ghosts don't exist. (4572 words)

No More Tears - FR13, Violet, spoilers for all of Season One. She makes the decision to not cry anymore. (402 words)

Free Like the Birds - FR13; Violet/Tate, ensemble cast. post-Season One. In the end, Tate will do anything to have Violet's Love. Written for AHS_Exchange where it picked up Mod's Favourite. (5881 words)

Until then my Soul It Burns - FR13, Violet/Tate, ensemble cast, post Season One. Fifteen years or so have passed since the Harmons died in the house, Violet's starting to forget who she is. Tate wanders the house trying to find his place. (3731 words)

Mine is Forever - FR13, Violet/Tate, set during an AU Season One. Tate learns the hard way that promises made to ghosts and houses don't really amount to much in the end. Written for AHS_Exchange where it picked up Favourite Story Overall. (4336 words)

Pinned on a Board - FR13, pre-Violet/Tate with Tate, Violet and Leah. Set during an AU Season One. It's just supposed to be a bet for an easy $300, can Volet survive a night in the Murder House? (2014 words)

Undo her Damage, She'll be Whole Again - FR13, Violet/Tate, set just after 1x02. Violet isn't quite as tough as she likes to think she is. (1015 words)

This is What You Want, This is What You Get - FR15. Violet/Tate, ensemble cast, set post Season One. This time around it's Violet who breaks things between them. (1404 words)

In the End, There is No Escape - FR13, Tate, Constance, set pre-series. Tate doesn't get to escape like he always thought that he would. (394 words)

Whispers in the Dark - FR13, Violet. The house is starting to speak to her. (575 words.)

Unwoven - FR13, crossover between Murder House & Coven, Tate/Violet, Zoe/Kyle/Madison, Time is rather easy to destroy and reweave. (2522 words)

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