Faded Dreaming (dot) com was purchased August 2008 when I decided that I wanted one comprehensive archive for all of my fanfiction. Since I had already had a Livejournal community by the name of Faded Dreaming for my fanfiction, I decided that I wanted the domain for my archive to be of the same name. Previous versions of my fanfiction archives have been Blood & Fangs and Witching Hour Fic, which hosted different fandoms. This is the first time that I've had all of my fanfiction on one site, other than the LJ version.

I guess that I can say that I've always created stories for the shows and movies that I liked before I even knew what fanfiction was. When I was younger, I swear I rewrote the way that Labyrinth ended repeatedly. I started formally writing fanfiction in the summer of 2003 shortly after I first stumbled upon Buffh the Vampire Slayer fanfiction by chance when I was developing a fansite for the show. My first pairing was Angel(us)/Willow Rosenberg, quickly followed by Spike/Willow Rosenberg. Although I was writing it, I didn't really start posting it until the end of 2003 once I gained some confidence in my ability to write. Now in 2009, I not only belong to several fanfiction communities, largely on LiveJournal, but I also run several of my own as well.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were the first fandoms that I started writing in. However by the end of 2004, I started dabbling in the CSI universe. By 2005, I continued writing in these fandoms but also Labyrinth, Harry Potter and others. Despite the fact that I was starting to write in other fandoms, the Buffyverse has always been a fandom that I've written in. Other fandoms may come and go but the Buffyverse is here to stay.

Currently the fandoms that I find myself writing in the most are the Buffyverse, Supernatural, and Dark Angel. I also dabble in Harry Potter, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Dollhouse. I could list more but the list would probably go on and on or it would need constant updating whenever I discovered a new fandom. When it comes to pairings, I tend to prefer writing unconventional pairings. That's not to say you won't find canon pairings on this archive because you will, but largely I enjoy exploring the possibilities of an unconventional pairing. When it comes to genre, I will be honest and admit that I prefer angst over fluffy, happy endings. l like conflict in my fic and that conflict isn't always resolved. That said at the end of the day, I really enjoy spreading my wings and I will pretty much attempt to write any character, pairing or genre at least once.

When it comes to writing length, I often write shorter pieces (mainly drabbles and ficlets) largely due to time constraints. For a while, I was unable to write longer pieces because I just didn't have the time for it when I was working full-time and attending university full-time. As of late, I've been getting back into writing longer pieces and multi-chaptered stories.


I have no problem with other site admins wanting to archive my fanfiction. In fact, I feel quite honoured when people want to do so. However, I do have three very important rules when it comes to the distribution of my fanfiction:

01. You must email me at aaronlisa (at) fadeddreaming (dot) com and ask me for my permission before archving my fanfiction. I like to know where my fic is archived at.

02. You must keep my fanfiction intact, including full headers with disclaimers and warnings.

03. You must keep my fanfiction in the original language that I have posted it in: English.

With the above rules, I may make exceptions for the people that I know personally.


page last updated: 1 November 2009