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One Last Battle ~ FR13; Jonathan Harker, Mina Harker, Abraham Van Helsing; set post-novel; Van Helsing has nightmares about Dracula seven years after they have laid the monster to rest. (2602 words)

LJ Smith: The Forbidden Game:

After the Game Has Ended ~ FR13; Julian/Jenny; set five years after the final book has ended; The house is quiet and there's a chill in the air. (2393 words)


Perceptions ~ FR13; Alice Cullen/Bella Swan; set post-Eclispe; Bella finds comfort in Alice's arms. (128 words)

Silken Promises ~ FR15; Alice Cullen/Bella Swan; set post-Eclispe; When she's with Alice, she forgets everything. (100 words)

Turning Away from You ~ FR13; Edward Cullen/Bella Swan, Alice Cullen/Bella Swan; set sometime during Twilight; Edward won't give Bella what she craves so she turns elsewhere. (155 words)


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