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Deceived ~ FR13; implied Sarah/Jareth; set post-movie; Sarah realizes that even if she wants to, she can never go back to the Underground. (493 words)

Defeat ~ FR13; implied Sarah/Jareth; set at the end of the movie; Jareth's reaction to Sarah's defeat of him. (172 words)

Freedom ~ FR13; Sarah, implied Sarah/Jareth; set just after the end of the movie; Sarah was finally free of the Goblin King. (100 words)

Peaches & Jealousy ~ FR13; Jareth, Hoggle and Sarah; set during the movie; Jareth's point of view on Sarah's friendship with Sarah. (289 words)

Regret ~ FR13; implied Sarah/Jareth; set after the movie; Deep down inside she knows that nothing has really changed. (248 words)

Slave to Love ~ FR13; Jareth, Sarah/Jareth; set after the movie; And still he lurked in the shadows. (147 words)

Thrown Away ~ FR13; Sarah, Jareth; set post-movie; Sarah's memories of the Labyrinth have faded over time. (127 words)

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