Around 2005, there was some controversy in the fanfiction community over the use of the MPAA rating system (i.e. G, PG, R, etc). There was some discussion at the time that the MPAA was cracking down on writers using their rating system without permission. As a result, a group of fans came up with a rating system by the fans for the fans so that writers would have an option to use an alternate rating system than the MPAA rating system.

I have adopted this fan created rating system and I have made a few minor changes to it, to reflect my writing style.

FRC: Fan rated suitable for children. All ages permitted, as there is no adult content that is unsuitable for children within this fanfiction.

FRT: Fan rated suitable for teenagers. For the purposes of my fanfiction, I have divided this into FR13 and FR15. Essentially a fanfiction that is rated FR13 would be suitable for teens over the age of 13, and FR15 for teens over the age of 15.

FRM: Fan rated suitable for mature. Essentially no one under the age of 17 should be reading anything with this rating, as it will contain adult material, including sexual situations and violence.

FRAO: Fan rated adults only. Any fanfiction with this rating contains graphic sexual or violent content. All those under the age of 21 should ensure that it is legal for them to read material rated FRAO.

General Rules for This Archive:

01. Although I do generally use warnings for things like swear words, not all of the fics have been labeled with this warning.

02. When it comes to multi-chaptered stories and/or works in progress, I tend to rate the overall story on the highest rating given to any one part. Therefore if I have a multi-chaptered fic that has one chapter that is rated FRM but the rest is FR13, I will rate the fic as FRM.

03. Ratings are subject to change, especially with works in progress. I will do my best to rate my stories accordingly to my overall plan for the story but a rating may and can cnage as the story progresses.

04. Please be responsible when reading the fanfiction archived here. Most of the fanfiction that I write is rated FR13 and FR13, although there are some stories that are rated FRM and FRAO. If you are not 17 or older (or in the case of FRAO, 21 or older) please do not read fanfiction that is labelled as such.

05. In general, please read the warnings and pairings closely as this will often contain more information on the content of the fic in general. I always do my best to contain spoiler warnings as well as warning for content such as character death.


page last updated: 1 November 2009