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Center Stage:

Dancing How You Feel ~ FR13; Jody Sawyer; set just after the final dance; She had followed Charlie's advice. (253 words)

Dawn ~ FR13; Jody Sawyer; set post-movie; She stares out at the New York skyline bathed in the pearly-grey light. (219 words)

Impossible ~ FR13; Jody Sawyer, Cooper Nielson; set post-movie; Jody finds that Cooper can be rather impossible. (358 words)

Torn in Two ~ FR13; Jody Sawyer, with mentions of Jody/Cooper and Jody/Charlie; set post-movie; Charlie always tells her that he understands her reasons. (248 words)

The Crow:

A Brief Dream ~ FR13; Sarah; set post-movie with a very brief reference to the second film; For a moment,she could pretend. (115 words)

Ginger Snaps:

Fears ~ FR13; Brigitte; set just before the beginning of Ginger Snaps: Unleashed; Brigitte doesn't feel very brave with what she's facing. (237 words)

The Hunger:

Primal Fear ~ FR13; Miriam Blaylock/Sarah Roberts; set during the movie; She can't understand the fear that is primal in nature. (172 words)


When Lily Dreams ~ FR13; Lily/Jack, implied Lily/The Lord of Darkness; set post-movie; When she dreams, she dreams of ice and snow. (250 words)


Little Run Away - FR13, Cassie Holmes, mentions of Nick, Kira, implied Nick/Kira; set post-movie; Cassie runs away. (415 words)


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