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4 November 2009 Wednesday: I have updated the "Labyrinth" page with seven stories and the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" with eight stories. As well, I've added two more stories to the "Veronica Mars" page, seven stories to the "Labyrinth" page, one story eact to the "Book Fandom" page and the "Movie Fandom" page.

3 November 2009 Tuesday: I've updated the "CSI fanfiction" page with ten stories from both CSI: Las Vegas and CSI: Miami. I've also updated the "Veroncia Mars" page with four stories. Finally, I've added a new story to the "Book Fandoms" page.

2 November 2009 Monday: I have currently updated the "Movie Fandom" page with seven stories from three different movie fandoms. As well, I've updated the "Book Fandom" page with four stories from four different fandoms.

1 November 2009 Sunday: Welcome to Faded Dreaming, a personal fanfiction archive. The site is currently under construction. I will be adding fanfiction to the site over the course of the next few weeks. I have quite a bit to add here and since I do all of my coding by hand, it will probably be a bit of a slow process.