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A Change of Pace ~ Las Vegas/Miami crossover; FR13: Catherine Willows, Horatio Caine; set post-Grave Danger; Las Vegas no longer seemed safe or welcoming and she desperately needed a change of pace and scenery. (603 words)

A Freeing Experience ~ Las Vegas/Miami crossver; FR13; Catherine Willows, Horatio Caine; follows "A Change of Pace;" Catherine finds Miami to be very different than Las Vegas. (283 words)

Dancing ~ Las Vegas; FR13; Catherine Willows/Nick Stokes; set sometime after Grave Danger; Catherine and Nick go dancing. (196 words)

Dumb Luck ~ Miami: FR13; Ryan Wolfe, Calliegh Dusquene; set shortly after Ryan's first case as a CSI; Ryan knows that he has to rely on something other than luck. (121 words)

Get the Balance Right ~ Miami; FR13; Ryan Wolfe; set pre-Season Three; Ryan had always wanted to be a cop until everything wrong. (1096 words)

Heat Wave ~ Las Vegas; FR13; Catherine/Nick; set inbetween Seasons Six and Seven; Las Vegas was in the midst of the worst heat wave. (252 words)

Innuendo ~ Las Vegas; FR13; Catherine/Greg, Catherine & Sara interaction; set during Season Six; The problem with office gossip is that it's never the full story. (411 words)

Soul Searching ~ Miami; FR13, Ryan Wolf; set inbetween Seasons Five and Six; Ryan relfects on what he has to do to get his job back. (113 words)

Siblings ~ Miami; FR13; Eric Delko, Marisol Delko; set pre-series; Delko's always looked out for his sister. (151 words)

Under the Mistletoe ~ Las Vegas; FR13; Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes; set roughly around Season Four; Nick's bored at the staff Christmas party. (526 words)

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